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Looking at the stars always makes me dream
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A small peek at some projects I’ve done at precollege. I’m learning so much and I can’t thank anyone enough for this amazing opportunity u v u

Adventure adventure

Wow!! Travelling! Awards and precollege and leaving Floridaland oh my!

Rundown of my summer:

Went to Toronto for my Father’s wedding. I fell in love with the city. Dundas square was chill and there were lots of neat shops. Heavily considering living in the gay village during some point in my life, everyone is so nice and chill and it’s supposedly quite safe.

Went to New York City to receive my American Visionary Medal from Scholastic Art and Writing. Wow that was amazing. I met so many people from across the country, went to a prom where they had arts and crafts, got scouted by colleges, and saw my art in the Art Write Now top 1000 gallery. The Empire State Building was lit in gold for medalists, and seeing it from top of the rock was incredible. Then I became infatuated with Times Square, the Met, and aaaah Guggenheim is so beautiful. I’d go back. That was such an excellent life experience and I am so humbled.

And now I am coming to you live from San Francisco, where I start Precollege on Monday at CCA. I had my first in-n-out burger which was fantastic, and am trying to sleep off the jet lag and get pumped. Yay school! But art!

Everything is busy, I miss cuddling my SO every day, and it’s weird not to have the opportunity at least to see my friends. But it’s still exciting! Adventure is still real, yeah!

Hello World

It feels like it’s been a thousand years since I last used this website. Lately I haven’t been doing much on the computer/social media at all, save plant pictures on instagram. 

But I can’t say it hasn’t done good. I have been feeling more down to earth, focused, and less stressed in general compared to when I was very involved in my internet life. 

This certainly isn’t a farewell. Far from it, in fact. Tumblr is a fantastic blogging platform and easier to use than say, blogspot. I would like to come back to it at some point, but for me, not for following or followers or fandom or drama. Most likely, this page will be used as a support for my website-to-be. (It’s still barely started I am a terrible page manager. I’ll move my servers soon and actually work on that.) 

After my exams, I think I’ll slowly move back into the internet, but one step at a time. I have some rigorous summer programs ahead of me and a tough senior year, so I can’t afford to become too invested. But I hope for the best! 

For those who will see this, feel wonderful, be wonderful. A fantastic day or evening to you.